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Chile finally joined the group of economies where the internet alone attracts more than half of the investments in advertising. In 2023,

surpassed 50 percent for the first time. In 2019, online ads accounted for less than one-third of the expenditure. The transition might have been a bit overdue since Chile ranks among South America’s most sophisticated economies and was the first in the region to join the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), for example. Furthermore, it is yet to catch up with the regional average.

will reach an estimated 56 percent in 2024. Still, online channels’ contribution boosted the Chilean market’s post-pandemic results: Between 2019 and 2023,

increased by nearly 40 percent, amounting to roughly one trillion Chilean pesos in the latter year. The value amounts to around two-thirds of that of neighboring Argentina.

Chilean ad channels’ evolution

A closer look at each medium’s performance in the Chilean ad market in 2023 reveals that cinema recorded an increase rate of almost 170 percent as it recovered from the COVID-19 side effects, whereas print media continued to decline. Meanwhile, only second to cinema, one channel grew slightly more than the internet that year: out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Conversely, TV plummeted even further than magazines and newspapers, mostly – but not only – due to pay TV’s downturn in the face of video streaming.

The palpable expansion of outdoor media also reflects characteristics of a post-pandemic scenario where consumers reoccupy public places and brand activation reenters spaces other than one’s small screens at home. OOH ad spending in Chile surpassed pre-pandemic heights already in 2022 and exceeded 100 billion pesos in the following year.

If outdoor ads rise while some media consumed privately lose momentum, TV sets are the devices suffering the most. TV advertising’s share in the Chilean ad expenditure went from about 36 percent in 2020 to less than 29 percent in 2023. The figure, which combines free and pay TV ad revenues, was still second only to the internet but entered the 2020s with a downward trend.

Top challenges for Chile’s ad industry

Late 2023 estimates placed Chile fourth among Latin American ad markets, albeit nearly tying with Colombia for third – a significant position, considering the former’s population amounts to less than half of the latter’s. However, another forecast shows that Chile will rank among the slowest-growing ad markets in Latin America in 2024, with a projected increase rate of barely more than three percent. For comparison, Uruguay’s and Mexico’s ad industries were expected to enjoy double-digit growth rates. Chile was also among the least mobile-oriented digital ad markets in the region at the end of 2023, whereas Mexico and Uruguay topped the ranking. Mobile advertising accounted for over 84 percent of their online ad expenditures, more than 10 percentage points ahead of Chile. The South American country has experienced global trends, namely a post-pandemic boost in digital and outdoor advertising, yet Chile’s expansion throughout recent years is predicted to slow down, making it more challenging to accelerate growth and keep up with worldwide standards.

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