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In the US, there are almost 42,000 TikTok influencers with a following of 50k to 100k, while 35,500 influencers have a following of 100k to 250k. There’s a common misconception that the more followers you have, the more you can earn.

However, this is not always the case. Influencers with a smaller but more engaged following can often earn more than those with a larger but less engaged following. Engagement is the key indicator.

Our TikTok Money Calculator lets you calculate your estimated earnings from your TikTok account if you believe you are an influencer based on your engagement and number of followers. Note that our tool is for the “Western” version of TikTok, not the Chinese version, Douyin. 

TikTok Influencer Engagement & Earnings Calculator

The tool below is not an official TikTok tool and is not in any way associated with or endorsed by TikTok. We developed this tool to provide earning potential guidelines to influencers.

Ultimately, both the brand and influencer negotiate what they consider to be fair value for endorsing the product or service. The tool only shows you an estimation and can vary greatly by niche, country, audience location, and audience brand affinity. 

Estimated Total Earnings by Account

Drag the sliders to calculate potential earnings

Estimated Earnings Per Post:

$0 – $0


TikTok offers the option of In-Feed Ads, part of the biddable ad category. These ads are visible to TikTok users within their video feed, and they allow advertisers to target users based on factors like age, geographic location, gender, interests, and the device they’re using. Moreover, advertisers can also set their own specific targeting parameters when crafting in-feed ads. Marketers can purchase them based on cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand views, or cost-per-view pricing models. A minimum investment of $500 is required to launch In-Feed ads.

Obviously, the higher your engagement rate, the more successful brands will consider you, and the higher they will be willing to pay. It is difficult to find overall engagement rates for TikTok – all the published ones appear to wrongly equate engagement with the percentage of people opening the app once a day. However, like most social media networks you can calculate your individual TikTok engagement with the following formula: [(Number of hearts + number of comments)/number of followers] x100. You can calculate this either for a single post or overall. We suggest that you add together the figures for your last 20 posts when you make this calculation overall.

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How to Use the TikTok Money Calculator?

Our TikTok Money Calculator estimates a TikTok influencer’s earnings based on the total number of followers and the total number of likes on their TikTok account. You also have to specify the number of videos on your page, as it helps calculate your average engagement rate.

Simply enter all the required information, and our calculator will provide an estimate of your potential earnings per post.

Let’s say you have 50k followers on TikTok. You have posted 200 videos to date, and your total number of likes is 200k. Since the video count scale in our tool goes up by five, we’ll enter 205 videos in our calculation.

According to the TikTok Money Calculator, your account’s engagement rate is 1.95%, and your estimated earnings per post are $81 to $121.

TikTok Money CalculatorTikTok Money Calculator

Example of account earning

These estimates are in accordance with the survey conducted by Shopify, which found that micro-influencers (accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers) can earn around $25 to $125 per post. With 50k followers, you are considered a micro-influencer, and our calculator’s estimate falls within this range.

Let’s try the calculator with an actual TikTok influencer. Withloveleena is a fashion and lifestyle TikTok influencer with 526k followers and 14 million likes. Since TikTok doesn’t show the number of videos on an account, we used Tokcounter to find that she has posted 455 videos.

The calculator showed us that she has an engagement rate of 5.85%. Plus, she earns anywhere from $844 to $1,266 per post.

Withloveleena estimated TikTok per post earningWithloveleena estimated TikTok per post earning

Withloveleena estimated TikTok per post earning

Again, it’s important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual earnings can vary depending on other factors. For instance, Leena is a Muslim influencer, and she caters to a specific audience, which may also be a factor in her earnings.

She’s also in the fashion and lifestyle niche, which is highly profitable for influencer marketing. More importantly, she has two sisters who are also influencers, which means brands can potentially reach a larger audience by collaborating with all three of them.

Together, these factors can contribute to her earning more than the estimated range.

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Why Use Our TikTok Money Calculator?

Our TikTok Influencer Engagement & Earnings Calculator is a handy resource for influencers, especially those who are just getting started. Here are some reasons the calculator can be beneficial for you.

Get Estimates of Your Engagement Rate

In our Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2024, we found that TikTok engagement is higher than other social networks. According to this report, the engagement rate for different TikTok accounts is as follows:

  • Accounts with more than 1 million followers: 10.53%
  • Accounts with 1k to 5k followers: 15.04%

However, these are average rates and may not be applicable to your specific account. Our calculator lets you take a closer look at your engagement rate.

You can share it with brands or use it as a benchmark for yourself to determine if your content is resulting in the engagement you want.

For example, if you have recently changed something in your content-posting frequency, timing, strategy, or creative themes, you can use the TikTok calculator to determine if these changes have improved or tanked your engagement.

Get Payment Estimates

Influencers who have been in the game for quite some time know how to price their services. Many of them have talent management agencies or agents who negotiate deals on their behalf.

However, as a small or new influencer, you might not be sure about how much to charge. The TikTok money calculator gives you a ballpark figure of what you can expect to earn from a sponsored post.

If a brand asks you for a price, you can quote one based on the result from the calculator. We also recommend getting in touch with fellow influencers who have the same stats as you and asking them if they are comfortable sharing their rates. With both these indicators, you can better price your service.

Compare Engagement Rates

As an influencer, it helps to compare your engagement rates with other influencers in your niche. It gives you an idea of how well your content is performing compared to others and if there are areas where you can improve.

The TikTok calculator allows you to enter the usernames of other influencers in your niche and compare their engagement rates with yours. If you notice that others have a better engagement rate than you, maybe you can replicate their strategies or try something new.

For example, we have already calculated that Withloveleena has an engagement rate of 5.85%. Now, let’s compare it to tsunamireu, another TikTok influencer with 500k followers.

Although she has a few thousand fewer followers than Withloveleena, her total likes are 23.2 million. We put these figures in our TikTok Money Calculator and found her engagement rate to be 11.07%, which is twice that of Withloveleena.

TikTok engagement rate calculationTikTok engagement rate calculation

TikTok engagement rate calculation

So, if you are an influencer with similar follower numbers as tsunamireu, but struggling to achieve the same level of engagement, you could analyze her content and try out some of her strategies. 

How to Grow Your TikTok Account?

The TikTok money calculator will show you how much you can earn with your current following on the platform. But what if you plan to pursue influencer marketing on TikTok full-time? Let’s discuss some strategies to grow your TikTok account.

Identify and Understand Your Target Audience

Erin Rodrigue, an SEO expert who writes for HubSpot, offers excellent advice for getting started with growing your TikTok account in this regard. She says,

When you try to appeal to everyone on TikTok, the opposite happens: you end up resonating with no one.

It’s quite true. Just like a jack of all trades can’t master any, your content on TikTok can’t excel if you try to reach everyone.

Identify a niche that suits your personality and skill sets. Not every niche fits everyone on TikTok. For example, some users try to create prank videos but can’t elicit the desired response. However, if their forte is cooking or dancing, they can get immense engagement.

Take moribyan on TikTok as an example. She makes cooking content, and since she’s excellent at it, she has managed to gain 5.1 million followers. Her e-cookbook further adds to her credibility.

@moribyanTiramisu Cups 🤎☕️ easiest no bake dessert! Full recipe on the blog as always!♬ In the Mood – Glenn Miller

Besides her knack for cooking, her calm and warm personality also makes her content relatable to her audience, which comprises mostly women. She has also identified that her audience comprises people who want to start eating more at home and cut down on fast food.

That’s why her recipes that teach people how to make the likes of Dave’s Hot Chicken and McChicken at home have a broad appeal. For instance, the recipe for at-home McChicken has 8.7 million views.

You might think, at the end of the day, it’s just cooking. How do you craft your unique audience? The answer lies in the kind of content people want to watch.

In comparison to moribyan, Owen Han is another TikTok cooking creator with 4.3 million followers. However, as opposed to her, his cooking revolves around sandwiches and quick recipes, like noodles. He’s created a video for every kind of sandwich you could possibly imagine.

@owen.han Crispy shrimp bao #homemade #bao #buns ♬ original sound – OWEN HAN

As you can see, both creators, even though in the same category, have identified their distinct audiences. They create content specifically targeted to these people rather than delving into each other’s territories.

That’s exactly what you’ll have to do when creating content: find your audience and stick to creating content for them instead of trying to keep everyone happy. It may take time, but the results will be worth it. 

Perfect Your Profile

One of the most essential sections of TikTok is your profile. This is your “page” where you can establish your identity. You want your profile to appear attractive to your intended audience.

Your profile needs to highlight your identity as a creator. It needs to show your intended audience why they should subscribe to your page.

If you are beginning from scratch, you have the chance to create the perfect username. You want it to be easy for people to say and spell and preferably relevant to you and your niche.

Ideally, you should have the same username on all your social profiles so your TikTok fans will know when they have found your YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram channels.

TikTok also lets you pin videos to the top. These videos are the first ones anyone visiting your profile will see. Use this feature to show your best and most popular content.

Most people pin their videos with the most views. Since these videos are on the top, new visitors also click on them first, further increasing the views.

For example, Anna Sitar has pinned three of her videos with the most views that also provide a glimpse into her personality. 

@annaxsitar🙂♬ original sound – amahd

You can also add a bio to your profile. Here, you’ll put your brand’s tagline or any information you want your audience to know about you. For example, if you’re a mommy influencer, you can put something like “SAHM of three.”

For example, the.navarose, a TikTok influencer with 5.7 million followers, has written “fashion + sustainability” in her bio, which tells any new visitors what kind of content they can expect from her. Her Instagram and YouTube account handles are also in her bio so that people can follow her on other platforms.


There’s also an option to add a link to your bio, just like Instagram. If you’ve got a website or a blog, link it here. For example, moribyan has a link to her e-book in her bio, while Owen Han has a link to Harper Collins landing page for his book.

Follow the Basic Rules and Conventions When Uploading Videos

Keep TikTok’s Community Guidelines in mind when posting on the platform. It’s best to go through the restricted content categories list to ensure your content won’t get taken down.

There should be nothing inappropriate in your videos; no hate speech, racism, etc. Also, do not post offensive or controversial content that can damage your brand’s image.

Even if your content is a bit risqué, make sure it follows TikTok’s guidelines. Notkahnjunior does this remarkably well. She posts consensual doxing videos in which she finds the birthdays and other personal information of followers who comment for her to do so. Her investigative skills show people how easy it is to find information about them online.

@notkahnjunior Replying to @tatiilockwood v proud of my bon iver impression #dataprivacy #digitalfootprint #osint #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – kahn

However, she does this without crossing any lines or exposing any sensitive information. She always blurs out sensitive information and never makes fun of or shames anyone. More importantly, she doesn’t make such videos for anyone under the age of 18.

Also, avoid excessive use of hashtags, as they may seem spammy and inauthentic. Stick to relevant and popular hashtags that are related to your video’s content.

Produce Consistent Content

You will also want to set up a consistent pattern so that your audience knows what to expect. There’s little point in being a “one-hit wonder.”

If people know to expect a specific type of video for you each Tuesday and Friday, they will begin to expect it and return to TikTok on those days to watch your latest video.

TikTok recommends posting one to four times a day. While that may seem overwhelming, you’ll be happy to learn that your videos don’t need to be studio-quality productions to succeed on the platform. The platform thrives on authenticity, and that’s what you should aim for.

If you run out of ideas to post so frequently, you can hop on whatever is trending. Use a trending sound or challenge in your videos. Scrolling through your For You page will introduce you to new trends that you can use in your content to remain relevant.

You can also use the Search bar in TikTok to find trending hashtags, sounds, topics, and videos. 

TikTok trendsTikTok trends

Source: tiktok.com

That’s exactly what Safia (wizzqueifa on TikTok) does. She doesn’t necessarily have a niche but has managed to get 3.3 million followers with her fun and relevant videos, incorporating pretty much every trend on the platform.

Tokcounter shows that she has posted 1,946 videos on her account, which is an ode to her consistent frequency of posting. If you struggle to keep note of when to post what, you can use a content calendar or make one of your own.

Post Content at Optimal Times

What good is a consistent posting schedule if you’re not posting at the optimal times? To put it simply, your videos will have less reach and engagement.

Hootsuite’s research shows that the best time to post on TikTok is Thursday at 7 pm. Overall, the early hours of the day seem to be the best time to post, with 6 am – 10 am being the most optimal.

TikTok Best time to postTikTok Best time to post

Best time to post on TikTok

Besides the time, the day also matters. For example, on Mondays, the best time to post is between 9 pm and 11 pm, but on Sunday, you should be posting at 7 am in the morning.

Best time to post TikTok days / weekBest time to post TikTok days / week

Best time to post on TikTok on different days of the week

You should also consider your TikTok audience insights to determine the best time to post for your specific following. Try to post content when your followers are most active. Check out our guide to find the best TikTok scheduling tools so that you don’t have to get up at ungodly hours to post content. 

Engage With Your Audience

Keeping your audience engaged is key to growing your account. You don’t want your followers to feel like they’re just watching videos but that they’re part of a community.

Make sure that you reply to comments that people leave on your videos. It may seem like hard work to you, but it makes your followers believe you care and take notice of them.

Consider going live at times and interacting with your fans as you stream. Share the parts of your life you are happy to divulge to them. The more they believe they know you, the better they will feel about you and your videos.

Kate Davidson is a good example. She creates lifestyle videos related to her pets, breakfast recipes, coffee recipes, gardening, and home decor. 

@katedavidsunan easy little trick for volume!♬ original sound – Kate Davidson

Her comment section is just as lively as her content, as she responds to comments asking her for recommendations or more details about whatever she has shown in the video. 

You can also host giveaways to keep your audience engaged. Claudia Walsh, a TikTok beauty and lifestyle influencer, does this. Every time she goes to HomeGoods or Target to shop, she gives the same amount as a giveaway that she has spent. 

Since she picks winners from her video’s comment section, the giveaway acts as a motivation for people to engage. For example, this HomeGoods cum giveaway video has 2,832 comments.

@iwantcandy77 homegoods trips are the best + a little giveaway because ily guys 🥹🩷 #fyp #homegoods #homegoodsfinds #homedecor #dogtoys #vlog #dailyvlog #contentcreator ♬ original sound – Claudia Walsh

Make Your Videos Accessible

Social media accessibility is super imperative in the current landscape. You can make your TikTok content accessible by adding alt text to your images and closed captions to the videos.

TikTok also lets you turn on automatic captions. However, you should edit them for accuracy before posting, as they are not always perfect.

Also, add visual descriptions to your videos with audio so that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can still follow along with your content. For example, Adrian Bliss, a TikTok influencer who creates comedy and role-play content, adds his own closed caption text overlay to videos.

@adrianblissThree Wise Men want to stay the night♬ original sound – Adrian Bliss

Promote Your TikTok Videos on Your Other Social Channels

Last but not least, if you have more followers on another social media platform, don’t be shy about promoting your TikTok videos there. Doing this will not only help you get more views and followers, but it can also drive traffic to your other accounts.

You could post sneak peeks of upcoming TikTok videos on Instagram or share a link to your latest video on X. 

How to Earn Money on TikTok?

There are quite a few ways you can make money on TikTok. Here are some of them.

  • TikTok Creator Fund: The TikTok Creator Fund allows creators to earn money from their videos through a revenue-sharing model. TikTok pays creators based on the number of views they get. Creators with at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in the past 30 days are eligible for this fund.
  • Brand Partnerships: TikTok creators can promote brands on their videos and earn money from these partnerships. Our TikTok money calculator gives an estimate of how much you can earn per-post through brand partnerships. For example, Madeline White has a sponsored post for Maison Margiela’s perfume on her account.
@madeleine_white The perfect scent for summertime! @maisonmargielafragrances @sephora #MargielaFragrancePartner #REPLICABeachWalk ♬ original sound – Madeleine White
  • Merchandise: Many TikTok creators sell merchandise related to their content, such as t-shirts, hats, or mugs. You can link your online stores in your TikTok bio or sell your products through the TikTok Shop. For example, Skye Hitchcock, a TikTok influencer who lives in a school bus her family has renovated, has a merch collection called Chase The Sunset Retro Collection. The t-shirts in this collection are inspired by her bus renovation project.
Chase the Sunset Retro collectionChase the Sunset Retro collection

Source: bonfire.com

  • Live Streaming: TikTok allows users to purchase virtual gifts and send them to creators during live streams. These virtual gifts can then be exchanged for real money by the creator.
  • Affiliate Marketing: If you’re a part of an affiliate program, you can also earn money by promoting products and services on your TikTok videos. You’ll receive a commission for every sale made through your referral link. Many creators have their Amazon storefronts linked in their bio, making it easy for viewers to purchase products featured in their videos.
  • Live Shopping Events: Influencers can also host Live shopping events for brands, and get a share in return. Find more information in our guide here
  • Patreon: TikTok creators can also use platforms like Patreon to offer exclusive content and perks to their fans in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.

If you have a personal business, you can also promote it through TikTok. Alternatively, you can use your TikTok presence to gain a following and then launch a business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I earn from TikTok?

The easiest way to determine how much you could potentially earn from TikTok is to use our TikTok Influencer Engagement and Earnings Calculator, which you will find near the top of this post. We developed this tool to provide potential earning guidelines to influencers. Ultimately, a brand and an influencer negotiate what they consider to be fair value. We stress that this is only an estimation and can vary greatly by niche, country, audience location, and audience brand affinity.

How much can you make on TikTok?

Unlike YouTube, TikTok users don’t get to share in the advertising revenue on the platform. So, you have to find other ways to earn money on TikTok. This makes the amount you can make more variable on TikTok. However, once you make a name for yourself, the money you earn on TikTok can be very lucrative. According to our TikTok Influencer Engagement and Earnings Calculator, Charli d’Amelio potentially earns $105,770 per post.

How do you make money on TikTok?

Although you can’t share in TikTok advertising revenue, successful TikTok performers can still make money on the platform. The most obvious way is by influencer marketing. If you can build a sufficient following of dedicated viewers, you can market yourself to brands to sell products to your audience’s demographic. Once you have keen followers, you can create and sell merchandise to them – particularly if you make your name in an unusual niche, rather than just lip-synching. You can also launch your career through TikTok.

Can you get rich on TikTok?

Enter any famous TikTok performer’s name into our TikTok Influencer Engagement and Earnings Calculator. You will see they have the potential to earn a healthy income from their TikTok activities. Indeed, if you enter your own username, you might be surprised by what you could gain. Sure, you don’t make your money directly from TikTok itself, but many famous TikTok stars make a living through influencer marketing. Forbes has calculated that Addison Rae made $5 million from her TikTok earnings last year.

How do I grow my TikTok account?

The key to making money on TikTok is having millions of active, engaged followers. That may seem a daunting goal, but anyone can achieve this if they get the basics right. These include:

  • understand your audience
  • perfect your profile
  • follow the basic rules and conventions when uploading videos
  • produce consistent content
  • engage with your audience
  • promote your TikTok videos on your other social channels
  • improve your production values over time

Learn the skills of successful film making and make each video better than the last.

How many followers do you need to get paid on TikTok?

If you’re a creator and you’ve garnered a minimum of 10,000 followers and amassed over 100,000 views in the past months, you become eligible to monetize your content.

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