About our services


A complete accounting ERP system with multiple activities and buying and selling operations. We at Tech ocean solutions have made a complete accounting system that serves all users of companies and factories more than small accounting programs until everything in the company is linked to each other from accounts, expenses, stores and invoices and others.

Website design and programming services

We provide our customers with the best programming and web design services with the latest international technologies to ensure you the best performance and appearance of your website.


mobile app design

Specialized in programming and designing mobile and mobile applications on smart phones and tablets for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone systems in the latest programming languages.

Optimizing search engine results (SEO)

The search engine optimization service ensures that your site appears on the first page on the “Google” search network, which guarantees you a large number of customers who search for your service or product, and we choose the best words for you that customers search for based on Google statistics Search .


Social Media Marketing

Services for managing pages on Facebook, following up on comments and messages, responding to them and managing them completely, advertising campaigns and marketing plans through social networking sites.