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Sponsorship of the world’s most important electric championship

Formula E was officially born in 2011, in a Paris restaurant where FIAPresident Jean Todtand Spanish businessman Alejandro Agag met to talk about the world’s first all-electric racing series. From the beginning, Todt and Agag wanted to design an environmentally friendly sport that had all the features and excitement of a world-class championship.

Five factors were key as the two began to define the future of electric racing. First, all future cars, boats and trains on the planet will have to be electric and supported by a robust industry. Second, the batteries that power these cars, boats and trains must be charged only with renewable energy sources. Third, big data must be used to create safer roads and safer driving experiences for all. Fourth, vehicles shared with families, friends and colleagues traveling together are expected to replace today’s idea of mobility, with a huge impact on traffic, pollution and costs. Fifth, smarter, safer and more technologically advanced cars should be the goal of every manufacturer, ideally committed to the creation of autonomous vehicles.

While it was clear that electric vehicles and the use of sustainable energy represented the future of the automotive industry and a strong asset for Formula E sponsors, the sport needed an eye-catching, fast car to win fans around the world.

From the beginning, the extraordinary carsdesigned by SPARK specifically for Formula E, with zero carbon emissions, have been nothing short of amazing. With a top speed of 280 km/h and a power output of 338 hp, Formula E cars are truly a marvel of research and development and guarantee exciting action and racing. Success was not lacking, and it was remarkable and immediate.

The world’s top manufacturers willingly entered the competition, as did the drivers, who come from the top series and form an exciting roster.

For those who wanted to sponsor Formula E, it was the perfect mix: a blend of action, sustainability, technology and speed. Leading companies from around the planet, such as Tag Heur, DHL, BMW, Allianz, Heineken, Boss, and Enel, have quickly joined Formula E, adding further value to what is fast becoming the pinnacle of motor racing.

Now in its 10th season, Formula E is a solid and healthy championship marked by technological and sporting advances of the highest order. Gen3, the new generation of electric cars that make up the championship grid, is a tremendous advance for the entire automotive industry, but also for fans, sponsors and media around the planet.

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