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Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which emails are sent consistently to an opted-in list of customers and prospects, also known as email subscribers. While it’s one of the oldest forms on online marketing, it’s also one of, if not the most, effective ways to turn your contacts into customers.

Since the dawn of the internet, the inbox has been a sacred space for connecting with family, friends, coworkers – and eventually businesses and brands. It began as a one-to-many approach. Businesses typically sent one message to their entire audience, whether through a monthly newsletter, promotional send or announcement. Over time, inboxes grew noisier, more crowded. And those batch & blast sends? They just didn’t engage subscribers like they used to.

Fast forward to today, the digital experience has completely evolved. Even though your customers and prospects are receiving more messages than ever before, increased access to valuable customer data and insights means that you can be more engaging than ever before in the inbox

Modern email marketing is personalized, often automated, and in-tune to each subscriber’s own experience with the goal of moving them through the buyer’s journey to generate loyal customers and repeat business.

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