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As of February 2024, the Google Chrome browser accounted for 66 percent of global market share for internet browsers. Apple’s Safari browser was the second most popular internet browser around the world, accounting for 18 percent of market share. Apart from these two, no other browser controlled more than five percent of the overall market share. 

Internet use

With billions of people around the world having some form of access to the technology, around half of the world’s population can be classified as internet users. In countries like Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany, a big majority of citizens access the internet on a daily basis, whether it be for work or personal entertainment. In the United States, the average adult spends hours per day online, once again showing the large importance of internet in peoples’ daily lives.

Web browsers

Web browsers serve as the platform through which users from across the globe access the contents of the internet. With the help of a web browser, users can access a huge variety of content including entertainment sites, social media, and online shopping retailers. In recent years, social media sites such as Facebook have become some of the most popular sites, with users determined to keep up-to-date with the digital presence of their friends, families, and favorite celebrities.

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