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Mailchimp vs Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a very comparable email marketing platform to Mailchimp with a nearly identical feature set. Both offer a clean and modern user experience with a large number of email-related features, such as advanced audience segmentation, send-time optimization and lead generation tools such as a signup form builder and landing page builder. However, Zoho Campaigns is more affordable than Mailchimp.

Zoho Campaigns’ free plan includes up to 2,000 contacts while Mailchimp’s is limited to 500. Another difference is that Zoho Campaigns has a Pay as You Go plan for users that use email marketing campaigns sporadically and thus do not want to pay a monthly subscription fee for a product they don’t use monthly.

Mailchimp vs. Brevo

Mailchimp and Brevo differ greatly in terms of what their free plans offer users. Brevo is unique in that its free plan includes unlimited contacts, whereas Mailchimp’s plan has a maximum of 500 contacts. However, despite Brevo’s unlimited contacts, it is worth noting that it has a daily email send limit of 300. Brevo also limits access to automations and its landing page builder to its mid and top-tier plans.

While Mailchimp’s pricing is based on the number of contacts users have its far more straightforward than Brevo’s pricing, which involves a flat-rate monthly subscription fee, plus another monthly fee based on the number of emails users send per month, such as 20,000 emails per month costs an extra $16 per month, and there is a $12 monthly fee to remove the Brevo logo from emails. In total, Brevo’s starting price for a plan that does not display its branding is $37 per month.

That said, Brevo appears to be more affordable than Mailchimp at first glance but, depending on the features you need, the number of contacts you have and the number of emails you plan to send per month, Mailchimp may be the more budget-friendly option.

Mailchimp vs Moosend

When comparing Mailchimp to Moosend, it’s key to consider the number of contacts you have or plan to have as Mailchimp is more affordable for those with fewer than 500 contacts and Moosend is more affordable for those with more than 500 contacts. Both are generally considered to be very user-friendly, however, Moosend’s templates include dummy content which can be helpful for beginners who need assistance with visualizing what their email will look like.

Another difference is that while Mailchimp has more lead generation tools to help users build out contact lists, Moosend has more advanced tracking features. These are particularly helpful for data-driven businesses that will use the insights to optimize their email campaigns.

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