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In our fortnightly series, we interview marketing heads and CMOs to find out what influences their strategies and how they navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Gaurav Ramdev, a marketer for twenty years now, has wide-ranging experience across various sectors. He spent over a decade at FMCG companies like Coca-Cola, Britannia and MTR before turning to marketing digital products such as Razorpay’s payroll and banking products and now at a technology company, Protean. He is currently building the brand Protean, a population-scale digital public infrastructure organisation. Ramdev shares his insights and observations about the marketing function.

Edited excerpts from the interview: 

Two things have fundamentally changed in the last two decades. First, it is now well understood that the brand is your moat. Building a brand is essential for small businesses like startups and large businesses that have been doing this for over 30 years. Marketers no longer have to struggle to make themselves heard. That’s a significant change. Because if you go back 20-30 years, marketing was under business, growth, or was clubbed with commercial operations. But now, marketing stands on its own.

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