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There are four types of mobile marketing.

Short Message Service (SMS) Text Messaging

The first is using SMS text messages to send an ad or link for the consumer to click on. SMS is a simple method of mobile marketing. An application with an SMS application programming interface (API) is used to compose the outgoing message and list the telephone numbers of the recipients. A bulk campaign is created and the message is delivered to the subscriber list. Recipients can reply to messages, creating a conversation between the company and the recipient. Following federal regulations regarding subscriber opt-in and opt-out options is important when using SMS text messaging.

App Push Notifications

Another mobile marketing strategy is using downloaded apps with push notifications. A push notification is a pop-up that the recipient can click on. It comes from the application downloaded and was found to be more effective than marketing emails. A Reckless study showed that emails had a two percent open rate while push notifications had a 20% open rate. When a consumer downloads an app, the app asks for permission to send push notifications. The business can then send out a message that appears on the recipient’s home or lock screen. The recipient has the option to click on the message or close it.

In-app Ads

Similar to push notifications are in-app ads. These are frequently seen in games consumers download to their phones or tablets to play. An ad is displayed at various intervals during the game or as a banner across the top or bottom. In-app ads rely on an ad network to run the ads. When the app indicates that it is time for an ad to appear, the request is sent to an ad exchange to locate and choose an ad. The ad exchange utilizes user data to provide the most fitting ads to the consumer.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

Finally, mobile marketers can utilize QR codes to market to consumers. A QR code is a square image made up of a unique set of black and white squares. The consumer’s phone can scan the QR code, leading them to open a website that has a sale or offer on it. Where other forms of mobile marketing download automatically to the consumer’s device, a QR code requires the consumer to download the offer actively.

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