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LANCASTER, PA — E-Impact Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Lancaster County, has achieved significant recognition with eight of its client companies featured on the 2024 Financial Times’ The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies list. This achievement highlights the agency’s role in driving substantial growth for its clients between 2019 and 2022.

The Financial Times’ list, published in April, showcases 500 companies across North and South America that have demonstrated remarkable growth. E-Impact Marketing’s clients made a strong showing, with eight out of approximately sixty-five clients securing spots on the prestigious list.

“We love helping our clients grow and reach their goals,” said Chris Stoltzfus, CEO and founder of E-Impact Marketing. “From the start, our goal was to work with small companies and help them grow. As growth happens, our clients provide products, services, jobs, and more, making the world a better place.”

Reflecting on the company’s sustained success since its inception in 2015, Stoltzfus attributed their achievements to “God, hard work, and a growth mindset.” E-Impact Marketing began in a small shed in Stoltzfus’s backyard and has since expanded to a team of 30 people operating out of two locations. Today, they serve numerous businesses nationwide. “Our goal is to be a place where people’s lives are impacted and companies can thrive and make a difference,” Stoltzfus added.

A critical factor in E-Impact Marketing’s success has been its focus on niche industries. With around 70% of its client portfolio in the portable building field, the agency has honed specialized marketing strategies that can be adapted and applied across different regions. This focused approach allows the firm to replicate successful strategies for multiple clients, maximizing growth potential.

“Every day,” Stoltzfus shared, “our teams collaborate to share knowledge, skills, and strategies that help our clients grow.”

E-Impact Marketing Clients Featured on the FT Fastest Growing Companies List:

  • #100 – Zook Cabins in Atglen, PA
  • #121 – Esh’s Utility Buildings in Burkesville, KY
  • #295 – Troyer Post Buildings in Monterey, TN
  • #304 – Fisher Barns in Abbeville, SC
  • #308 – Site Prep in Gap, PA
  • #329 – Blue Mountain Hay in Milton-Freewater, OR
  • #338 – Bird-In-Hand Pet Structures in Willow Street, PA
  • #459 – Lapp Wagons in Ephrata, PA

The inclusion of these companies on the Financial Times’ list not only underscores their individual successes but also highlights E-Impact Marketing’s effective strategies and deep industry knowledge. These recognitions serve as a testament to the agency’s ability to drive growth and help small companies achieve significant milestones.

The broader implications of this accomplishment are far-reaching. As E-Impact Marketing continues to demonstrate success in niche markets, it sets a benchmark for how targeted marketing strategies can drive substantial growth. This approach could inspire other marketing agencies to adopt similar models, focusing on specialization to deliver impactful results for their clients.

Moreover, the success of these companies reflects positively on the regional economy, bringing attention to the thriving business community in Lancaster County and beyond. By fostering growth in small businesses, E-Impact Marketing contributes to job creation and economic development, reinforcing the vital role of digital marketing in modern commerce.

In conclusion, E-Impact Marketing’s achievements with its clients on the Financial Times’ Fastest Growing Companies list exemplify the power of focused, strategic marketing. As the agency continues to expand and innovate, its influence on small businesses and the broader market landscape is likely to grow, setting new standards for excellence in digital marketing.

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