E-Impact Marketing Helps 12% Of Clients Receive Prestigious Recognition For Incredible Growth

LANCASTER, Pa., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — E-Impact Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Lancaster, PA, has eight client companies featured on the 2024 Financial Times’ The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies list.

The FT Fastest Growing Companies list, released in April, highlights 500 companies in North and South America that have seen the most substantial growth between 2019 and 2022. E-Impact Marketing clients were well represented on the list, with eight of around sixty-five of their clients featured.

“We love helping our clients grow and reach their goals,” said Chris Stoltzfus, CEO and founder. “From the start, our goal was to work with small companies and help them grow. As growth happens, our clients provide products, services, jobs, and more, making the world a better place.”

When asked about the success that E-Impact Marketing has continued to have since its beginning in 2015, Stoltzfus replied, “God, hard work, and a growth mindset.” E-Impact Marketing started in a small backyard shed in the CEO’s backyard and has grown to a team of 30 people in two locations and serving many businesses across the nation. “Our goal is to be a place where people’s lives are impacted and companies can thrive and make a difference.”

One key to the company’s success has been marketing in a niche industry. With around 70% of the client portfolio in the portable building field, it allows them to adapt marketing strategies that work for one client and then apply those same strategies to other clients in other regions.

“Every day,” Stoltzfus shared, “Our teams collaborate to share knowledge, skills, and strategies that help our clients grow.”

E-Impact Marketing Clients On The FT Fastest Growing List

About E-Impact Marketing

Based in Lancaster, PA, E-Impact Marketing is a digital marketing agency with a wide range of clients, many of which are in the construction industry of some kind. E-Impact Marketing’s vision is to manage a client’s marketing, so they can focus on running their business. For more information, visit their website at https://eimpact.marketing.


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