Is Email Marketing Worth Paying For?

The total value of your email marketing campaigns isn’t measured just in the amount you spend on it. That cost must be balanced against the value that you recoup from your campaigns. Once you’ve settled on the software you want and considered your additional costs, it’s time to take a hard look at what you’re actually gaining.

Email Marketing ROI

Marketing pioneer John Wanamaker has been credited with saying: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted – the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Luckily, email campaigns have it easy: Unlike billboards or magazine ads, every single email view can be tracked. All our top email marketing software picks offer some form of campaign analytics, tracking email opens, bounce rates, and more.

A business’s main ROI metric is the number of conversions per campaign. This typically refers to sales numbers, but could include other actions including subscriptions, event registrations, or downloads. But a number of other key product indicators, or KPIs, can give marketers the data they need to further streamline their sales funnel and boost conversions even more.


The larger your business, the more useful you’ll find a comprehensive set of email marketing analytics and reporting tools. MailerLite is one of the best options, offering analytics tools even on its free plan.

To figure out the depth of your email software’s metrics, compare their analytics tools with their CRM tools. Sendinblue offers the strongest set of tools across both groups.

Time & Resource Optimization (Automation)

Automation tools can cut down the amount of time your in-house marketer works to send emails to the right sub-lists, while boosting effectiveness at the same time. As mentioned earlier, Omnisend, Sendinblue, HubSpot, and Zoho have the most comprehensive sets of automations, while Constant Contact has the slimmest.

Important Email Marketing Metrics

Here are the core key product indicators to track when launching an email campaign:

Once you’ve gathered this data, you can compare it against past campaigns to track your growth. You can also compare some metrics against other metrics from the same campaign: By matching the number of emails opened against the click-through rate for a specific link in the email, you can find the click-to-open rate and learn how popular the link was among those who read the email.

Email Compared to Other Marketing Channels

At the end of the day, your email marketing campaign is only worth keeping up if you can’t do better on another marketing channel – from pay-per-click ads to content marketing, to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The good news here, though, is that email marketing more than holds its own.

Email conversion rates are as much as three times more effective than social media conversion rates, according to one McKinsey & Company study, while at the same time resulting in average order values that are 17% higher. Put simply, email readers spend higher amounts, more often.

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