A Wix e-commerce business plan is required for individuals and businesses that want to create an online store, need more HD video storage or want access to one of Wix’s powerful business apps such as Wix Bookings. These plans provide users with all the tools needed to establish and maintain an online store, such as creating a storefront, creating product catalogs, managing orders, integrating sales channels and managing shipping and taxes.

All the business plans include a free custom domain, secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption, the ability to accept secure online payments, the ability to start subscriptions and collect recurring payments and the ability to save customer payment methods so repeat customers can quickly check out.

Wix Business Basic Plan ($27 per month)

Best For: New or fledgling e-commerce businesses with a low volume of sales

For $27 a month, the Business Basic plan includes 50GB of storage space, five hours of video, $600 worth of ad vouchers ($500 in Google Ads with a $500 purchase, and $100 in Bing Ads), the ability to showcase and sell unlimited products and an abandoned cart recovery feature that automatically sends would-be customers emails reminding them they have items in their cart.

For a basic plan, this option is very robust. The plan also allows websites to accept online bookings for classes, appointments and courses, manage hotel and rental listings and the ability to promote, manage and sell tickets to events. This is the perfect plan for any new online business and offers more than enough features to help you get your business off the ground.

Wix Business Unlimited Plan ($32 per month)

Best For: Small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses looking to sell through Wix

Business Unlimited is Wix’s most popular plan. In addition to all the features offered in the Business Basic plan, Business Unlimited also includes 100GB of storage, ten hours of video, the ability to display pricing in local currency and an automated sales tax feature for $32 per month.

This plan is a significant upgrade for online stores once they begin to get traction with sales, especially for stores that sell items internationally. The plan includes options to start dropshipping up to 250 products, advanced shipping features that offer end-to-end order fulfillment management and the ability to reach more potential shoppers by selling on online marketplaces. The plan also includes 1,000 product reviews, which is huge for building trust and credibility for your business.

Wix Business VIP Plan ($59 per month)

Best For: E-commerce stores that need stronger Wix customer service

At almost double the price of the Business Unlimited plan, the Business VIP plan includes unlimited storage space, video hours and dropship products as well as priority customer care. At $59 per month, the plan also includes 3,000 product reviews, customized analytics reports that offer valuable customer insights and a loyalty program to reward returning customers.

The steep price hike might not make this plan feasible for most businesses. This plan is best for larger online stores that have a high number of monthly sales transactions, a bigger budget to devote to their websites and a need for fast customer service.

Wix Business Enterprise Plan ($500 per month)

Best For: Small to midsize businesses looking for a complete, all-in-one website and digital marketing solution

Finally, for those who have a bigger need, Wix offers an Enterprise plan at a whopping $500 a month. The plan is designed for brands that want a complete digital solution. The Enterprise plan is custom-tailored to meet your business needs. It provides a personalized account manager, one-on-one training, collaborations with team members on how to best launch products at scale, consultations with industry experts on business-specific problems, custom storage, scalable billing solutions and more. You’ll need to contact the Wix sales team to sign up for this plan.

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