Let’s take a look at the most common types of email marketing campaigns:

1. Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are designed to highlight special offers, discounts or promotions. Often, their offers are only available for a limited time. Their aim is to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity by capitalizing on people’s desire for a good deal.

Both potential and existing customers are the primary audience. They are designed to appeal to individuals who are already interested in the brand’s products, as well as those who may need an extra push to make a purchase.

Skillshare’s promotional Black Friday email offers a 50% off discount for subscribers. If you’re still not convinced, check out the membership benefits like “level up your artistic skills,” “build your creative business” and “grow your skills for the future.”

2. Newsletter Emails

Many businesses send weekly or monthly newsletters to keep their subscribers up to date with the latest news. A study found newsletter subscribers spend 80% more time on their website. For example, The New York Times readers who consume twice as much content are twice as likely to turn into paid subscribers.

A newsletter is usually composed of a curated mix of insightful articles, industry trends and exclusive content. By keeping subscribers informed about industry trends and company updates, brands can nurture a long-term relationship with their audience.

National Geographic’s newsletter brings readers up to date with its latest stories. Similar to a news app, the top sections have the most compelling stories. As you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find top stories spread out across different news categories

3. Lead Nurturing Emails

How to get your audience through the sales funnel? Lead nurturing emails offer an effective way to convert leads by delivering personalized content based on their behavior and interactions. It works by providing them with the information and support they need at each stage of the buying process. Naturally, the audience encompasses target leads or potential customers who have shown interest in the brand but may not be ready to make an immediate purchase.

Headspace encourages leads to sign up to get 40% off an annual subscription. The deal is only available for a limited time—until January 15. The time limit successfully triggers FOMO “Fear of Missing Out,” which compels leads to make a decision quickly.

4. Welcome Emails

A welcome email is triggered when a new subscriber or customer joins a mailing list or makes their first purchase. It typically targets new subscribers or customers who have recently joined the brand’s community. Beyond offering a warm greeting, it aims to introduce recipients to the brand’s products and services. That way, they’ll keep interacting with the business.

AG1 offers subscribers multiple supplements to cover gaps in nutrition. Some nutritional benefits are multivitamins, prebiotics, antioxidants and superfoods.

The welcome email offers a clear picture of what first-time buyers will find inside the box. These include a premium canister, metal scoop, shaker bottle and travel packs.

5. Re-Engagement Emails

Re-engagement email campaigns are sent to inactive subscribers or customers who haven’t interacted with the brand for quite some time. Their main draw is to revive interest and prevent audiences from unsubscribing.

Starbucks offers a free limited-edition Starbucks red cup on a specific date. It sums up how users can get the free offer and covers all the ways they can make an order.

In terms of design, the brand keeps it simple with a sole photo of the red cup. That way, readers can instantly understand the email at just one glance.

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