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29. Seven out of 10 small business websites don’t include a call to action

Seventy percent of small business websites lack a call to action, which can impact their ability to convert website visitors into customers.[20] A call to action is an important element in a website’s design, as it prompts users to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. Without a clear call to action, website visitors may leave the site without taking any desired action.

30. Users are 67% more likely to make a purchase if the website is mobile-friendly

At 67%, most users are more likely to make a purchase on a mobile-friendly website.[21] This shows the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for businesses to improve the likelihood of converting potential customers.

31. Website users spend 57% of their time above the fold

Website users tend to concentrate the majority of their attention on the upper half of a website’s landing page, known as “above the fold.” It’s estimated that about 57% of their time is spent in this area. A whopping 74% of view time is spent in the first two “screenfuls.”[22]

32. Half of internet users say that they use website design as a factor to formulate their opinion on a business.

Half of internet users consider a website’s design when forming an opinion about a business.[6] It’s important for websites to have a well-designed layout, with elements such as easy navigation, attractive visuals and clear calls to action to make a positive impact on potential customers.

33. 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website

Fifty-seven percent of users are less likely to recommend a business if they have an unsatisfactory experience with their website,[10] which includes a poorly designed one. A website’s design can impact the user’s perception of the company and influence their decision to recommend it to others.

34. 38% of users won’t engage with a website if its layout is unattractive

A significant portion of website users, approximately four out of 10, may be deterred from engaging with a website if its layout is visually unappealing.[23] Good website design can play a crucial role in user experience and potentially drive more engagement. A good web design is visually appealing, user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action and well-placed, high-quality visuals.

35. The average cost of designing a basic website is $3,200

(Blogging Wizard)

Reports indicate that the average cost of creating a basic website is $3,200.[5] This expense covers design, development and content creation, essential for a professional online presence. For smaller enterprises, this signifies a need for thoughtful investment in digital platforms. A website, more than just an online location, acts as a primary point of engagement with potential customers, reinforcing its significance in business strategy and effectiveness in visitor engagement.

36. It takes three months on average to design a website with basic features

(Forbes Advisor)

On average, the process of designing a website with basic features takes about three months.[17] This period covers multiple phases, including conceptualization, design, content development and testing. The time frame reflects the meticulous process of ensuring that the website is both visually appealing and functionally sound. For businesses, this indicates the need for advance planning and collaboration with web designers to establish an effective online presence. For web developers, it involves a balance of creative design and practical functionality, aiming to deliver quality within a reasonable time frame.

37. 48% of small businesses already have a mobile app

About a third of small businesses have already developed a mobile app to accompany their website.[2] This shows the growing importance of mobile access in today’s market. Having a mobile app can offer businesses an additional channel to reach and interact with their customers.

38. Almost half (48%) say the number one way they decide on the credibility of a business is determined by the web design

A significant portion of internet users, about 48%,[26] view web design as a crucial factor in determining the credibility of a business. The way a website looks can impact the first impression and overall perception of a company.

39. The average web designer salary is $63,842

The salary of a web designer can vary greatly depending on experience, location and the size of the company they work for. However, on average, web designers earn an annual salary of approximately $63,842. [23] It’s also worth noting that this figure can be higher for senior designers and those working at larger companies.

40. WordPress is the most popular CMS, housing 43% of the internet’s websites


WordPress, as a content management system, hosts 43% of the internet’s websites.[24] This figure signifies its widespread acceptance and its role in shaping the internet as we know it. Known for its adaptability, though not necessarily its ease of use, WordPress caters to various users, from individuals crafting personal blogs to corporations managing complex sites. Its popularity springs from the ability to customize through themes and plugins, allowing for a variety of website designs and functions.

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