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Email marketing subscriber lists offer brands a powerful, built-in target audience for sampling and testing ideas with. A programme of continuous and strategic testing can help brands optimise their campaigns, build greater engagement with audiences and increase revenue. Plus, it has the potential to unlock vital insights that can be applied across other marketing channels.

This report, part of Econsultancy’s series of Email Marketing Best Practice Guides, shows marketers how to set up a robust programme of testing that reveals meaningful insights and benefits the business as a whole. It covers:

  • Why testing matters: Email testing can yield immediate campaign-level results, but it has the potential to surface deeper business insights as well. How can marketers get the most out of their email testing programmes?
  • Setting up: Testing should follow a formal structure that can deliver reliable and repeatable results. What are the steps to setting up an effective hypothesis-driven testing programme?
  • Approaches: Various testing methods are available to email marketers, including pre-send testing, A/B split testing and multivariate testing. How can marketers select the right approach to deliver the most reliable and useful results?
  • Considerations: Sample sizing and test duration are two factors to consider to ensure the results are statistically significant. What other considerations should email marketers take on board to ensure testing programmes are performing well?

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