HubSpot’s marketing software helps businesses run successful inbound marketing campaigns. Each plan gives businesses the tools they need to attract visitors, turn those visitors into leads, then turn those leads into customers.


  • Pricing: From $20 per month
  • Best for: New or small businesses that are just starting to develop a CRM for their marketing department

The Starter is the first paid plan, starting at $20 per month (if paid annually). This plan includes 1,000 marketing contacts with additional contacts sold in bundles of 1,000 contacts for $20 per month. The plan removes HubSpot branding from forms, email marketing, landing pages and live chat features. It also includes email and in-app chat support.


  • Pricing: From $800 per month
  • Best for: Experienced sales and marketing teams that rely on inbound marketing campaigns for a bulk of their sales

The Professional plan allows businesses to personalize and automate engagement across all the channels, optimize campaign conversions and create advanced reports. It starts at $800 per month (if paid annually), which includes 2,000 marketing contacts. Additional marketing contacts are sold in bundles of 5,000 from $225 per month. A one-time onboarding fee of $3,000 is required with the plan.

The Professional plan includes everything the Starter plan offers. Additional features include:

  • Omnichannel marketing automation
  • Video hosting and management
  • A/B testing
  • Ad conversion events
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Custom reporting
  • Phone support


  • Pricing: From $3,600 per month
  • Best for: Large companies with an expensive marketing budget that have a large database of leads

The Enterprise plan starts at $3,600 per month with a one-time onboarding fee of $6,000. It includes 10,000 marketing contacts with additional contacts sold at a bundle of 10,000 for $100 per month. The Enterprise plan includes everything the Professional plan offers. Additional features include:

  • YouTube analytic integration
  • Hierarchical teams
  • Email send frequency cap
  • Behavioral event triggering and reporting
  • Predictive lead scoring

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