As a feature-rich email marketing platform, Drip offers a variety of features designed to help online sellers engage with their customers and increase sales. It utilizes a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) email editor for code-free email design, numerous automations with customizable pre-built workflows and numerous email triggers, advanced segmentation options to more effectively speak to target audiences and an integration library to further expand its functionality.

Email Marketing

Drip makes it easy to create professional-looking email campaigns thanks to its library of pre-built templates and its WYSIWYG email editor. It offers a variety of pre-built templates, which feel more modern than many of its competitors’ email templates. This gives it a more stylish, professional look. Templates are fully customizable, and its editor is pretty intuitive. And another nice feature is that you can add your own branding, such as your logo, brand colors, button style and more, which can be universally applied to any template, eliminating the need to add these every time you create a new email.

Drip Email Templates


One area where Drip really shines is in its advanced audience segmentation. It has a segment builder where users can easily create dynamic segments based on a variety of factors using user data. For example, the number of purchases a customer has made over the last month or users who abandoned their carts. This helps businesses more effectively design campaigns to reach specific customers with highly targeted messages. In return, it can greatly increase the effectiveness of campaigns and help businesses reach their campaign goals.

Drip Segmentation Builder

Workflows and Automations

Drip offers some of the most advanced workflows and automations in the email marketing industry. To help make advanced automations easier, it has a large library of pre-built workflows, which can be filtered by platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce as well as by category, such as nurture customers, retain customers or drive revenue. Templates are customizable and give users a good starting point to building out advanced automations with numerous triggers.

Drip Workflow Builder


Drip offers 150-plus integrations to further expand its capabilities. While this sounds like a sizable amount, it’s actually a fairly small amount in comparison to many of its top competitors. For example, Zoho Campaigns and Mailchimp have over 300 integrations, while Constant Contact has over 5,000. Of course, what’s most important is not just the number of integrations, but the number of integrations that users need most. Granted, Drip does not offer direct integrations with a number of top content management systems (CMS). So while it is possible to integrate using the Zapier integration, it’s not seamless with every CMS.

Drip Integrations

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