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To determine the best e-commerce platforms, we considered competitors across the industry and compiled a list of 38 contenders to analyze in-depth. We then compared 53 criteria, such as pricing, features and ease of use to determine the top 10. When narrowing down these choices, we also considered whether platforms have inventory management and multichannel selling capabilities.

Here are the key metrics used to analyze the top e-commerce platforms.

Expert Score

The Expert Score category scrutinizes four key aspects: features, value for money, popularity and ease of use. When evaluating features, particular attention is paid to specific capabilities such as inventory management tools, mobile administrative flexibility and custom programming options. Value for money goes beyond just pricing; it considers how much bang for your buck you’re getting. Popularity, usually gauged through user reviews and market share, helps validate the platform’s credibility. Ease of use considers how simple the interface is for both novices and experts in e-commerce. These sub-criteria collectively offer an in-depth assessment of the platform’s overall quality.

This accounts for 20% of our total score.

Pricing and Value

Pricing and Value focuses on the financial logistics of using the platform. Here, we considered whether we could find information on the availability of free demos and public pricing. We also discuss the length of the free trial period, the cost of monthly and annual subscriptions, and other pricing details such as per-seat costs and user, product and storefront limits. This category provides a clear-cut view of how affordable and scalable the platform is for different business sizes and needs.

This accounts for 10% of our total score.

Service and Support

Service and Support digs deep into the kinds of assistance a user can expect. It evaluates the availability of live chat, phone support and email contact options. Also, the category looks at whether there’s a self-help knowledge base and specific documentation for developers. Presence of a community forum is another element under scrutiny. The aim here is to provide a clear idea of how well-supported users will be during their journey with the platform.

This accounts for 10% of our total score.

Site Building Tools

Site Building Tools assesses how convenient and versatile the website building process is. The evaluation touches on the availability of drag-and-drop features, pre-made themes and layout templates. Additionally, it explores options for social media integration, email marketing tools, website hosting, SSL certificates, custom domains and even coding capabilities. Each of these sub-criteria speaks to the platform’s flexibility in website creation and management.

This accounts for 20% of our total score.

Payment Processing and Accounting

This category concentrates on the logistics of managing transactions and financial accounts. Inventory management is examined, along with the availability of out-of-the-box solutions or the flexibility to implement your own. Details such as transaction fees, support for recurring payments and availability of physical POS options for in-person sales also fall under this category. Accounting software integrations, PCI compliance and analytics tools offer a complete picture of how well the platform manages the financial aspects of e-commerce.

This accounts for 15% of our total score.

E-commerce Features

E-Commerce Features investigates the platform’s additional capabilities. It looks at the presence of third-party integration options, Progressive Web Application support and CRM integrations. Other sub-criteria include support for dropshipping, omnichannel selling, shipping and tax calculators and even tools for recovering abandoned carts. Options to sell digital goods, process returns and refunds and even sell services are also reviewed. The inclusion of a mobile app rounds out this category.

This accounts for 25% of our total score.

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