Digital analytics and activation vendor Piwik PRO aims to support SMEs in getting the most out of their marketing and e-commerce data by tailoring its offer.

A World Economic Forum study shows that privacy compliance and extracting value from data remain among the top challenges for SMEs aiming to build a truly data-driven culture. Insufficient resources and expertise are key reasons for their underperformance in that area.   

The exceedingly positive reception of Core, Piwik PRO’s free plan, motivated the previously enterprise-focused company to expand its scope to smaller organisations. With the help of Piwik PRO’s Analytics, Tag Manager, and Consent Manager modules, SMEs can perform meaningful and compliant analyses to optimise digital operations and drive sales, successfully overcoming hurdles and setting themselves up for data-led success. 

With the new, granular pricing, they can further adjust the product tracking capabilities to their needs and budget requirements. In addition, they have access to training and education materials, as well as a community forum to learn how to get the most out of their data.

Offer highlights:

  • Three Piwik PRO modules: Analytics, Tag Manager & Consent Manager
  • Free usage for up to 500,000 actions/month with the option to purchase additional actions starting at 72€/month (£61.50)
  • Built-in and custom marketing and ecommerce reports generated within seconds 
  • Built-in features for easier compliance with privacy laws 
  • Self-education materials, certification and community support

“The ability to deliver value to all businesses, regardless of industry and size, marks the beginning of a new exciting chapter for Piwik PRO. We’re confident that our solution, which is now used by 600+ Enterprise clients and 10,000+ free plan users, will support many more organisations on their road to data-driven success,” says Piotr Korzeniowski, CEO at Piwik PRO.  

Both SMEs and enterprise clients can expect a further extension of Piwik PRO product capabilities with real-time reports coming in H2 2024 and customer data platform functionalities coming to Core users later this year.

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