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In the constantly evolving retail environment, the importance of e-commerce marketing strategies cannot be overstated. As retailers strive to keep pace with technological advancements and changing consumer behaviours, innovative and data-driven approaches are more essential than ever in the increasingly digital marketplace.

As part of our E-Commerce Marketing Series interviews, we spoke with Ngai Yuen Low, group chief merchandise and marketing officer at AEON Group Malaysia. Low shares her insights on how to navigate the dynamic retail landscape, emphasising technological advancements, customer engagement, and the future of retail.

The double-edged sword of e-commerce 

Low sees e-commerce as a double-edged sword that presents both significant challenges and opportunities for retailers. 

“One of the biggest challenges is the need to continuously keep up and innovate with technological advancements, which we know can be resource-intensive. Cybersecurity and data privacy continue to be top priorities as we handle an increasing volume of customer data,” she notes. 

However, the opportunities are just as significant. For Low, e-commerce opens up new ways to understand customers’ habits. 

“Right now, we are definitely looking at e-commerce as allowing convenience and greater flexibility in meeting customer demands while enabling us to provide a more personalised shopping experience,” Low explained. 

Meeting customer expectations in the digital age

At AEON, Low shared that marketing strategies are built on a foundation of data analysis to understand and respond to changing consumer behaviours. She also shared how they have to ensure that they have a digital approach to pretty much everything that they do.

“The rise of online shopping preferences means that customers now expect a lot of convenience, some amount of speed that works for their own schedule, and a seamless experience across all touchpoints,” Low said. 

To meet these expectations, Low said that AEON focuses on optimising mobile platforms, improving user experience, and merging online and offline interactions. Social media also plays a crucial role in engaging with customers, and AEON leverages crowdsourcing and influencer collaborations to build trust and authenticity.

Low also mentioned how effective teamwork and leadership are other factors that play an essential role in AEON’s success. She explained how these factors play a critical role in making sure the company effectively integrates their online and offline marketing strategies to create a more seamless customer experience in the face of omnichannel retailing. 

“At AEON, we get leaders across the various different areas to collaborate more to ensure that our marketing, branding, tech, customer services, merchandise development, and operations are consistent across all channels in their messaging and actions,” she shared. 

Low further emphasised how regular check-ins with customers help AEON ensure that their intentions align with customer perceptions, guiding necessary pivots and next steps.

Personalisation and future-proof immersive technologies in shopping 

Right now, personalisation is a hot topic in e-commerce and retail, widely recognised as one of the key strategies for achieving success. And while Low agrees it is indeed essential, she emphasises the importance of ‘doing it right by the customers.’

“While we are leveraging customer data to deliver highly personalised recommendations and promotions, the other considerations include what the customers want and curtailing their spread of choices,” she explained. 

According to Low, by examining customer preferences, purchase history, and browsing behaviour, AEON aims to avoid biases and provide a comprehensive view of customer needs. 

She shared that customised email marketing campaigns, dynamic and searchable product information, and targeted engagements through a loyalty platform are all part of AEON’s strategy to enhance the shopping experience.

Looking ahead, Low also mentioned that AEON is preparing to integrate more immersive technologies such as augmented reality (AR), predictive analytics, and causal AI into its arsenal to stay ahead of the curve in the retail industry. 

“Right now, looking at what is ahead of the curve, we are preparing our capacity and capabilities with tech that will be even more immersive. Additionally, sustainability will become a key focus, with consumers increasingly seeking out brands that demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social responsibility,” she concluded.

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