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Nuvemshop, an e-commerce platform and Brazilian unicorn, has announced the acquisition of Perfit, a company specializing in marketing automation solutions. This new business union aims to boost sales and the efficiency of marketing campaigns for brands using its platform.

Perfit stands out as a provider of marketing automation solutions that facilitate the management, segmentation, and sending of communications to contact lists or email databases efficiently and personalized. The figures of the operation have not yet been made public, but the incorporation of this technology into Nuvemshop is a significant step towards innovation, as it uses artificial intelligence to optimize the time invested in marketing strategies, sending precise messages at the ideal moment to each contact.

Perfit’s tool is presented as a strategic ally in sales promotion and the recovery of abandoned carts in e-commerce. It allows brands to automate the communication of their virtual stores, increasing their profits by up to 17% on average.

Alejandro Vázquez, co-founder and president of Nuvemshop, expressed that this acquisition represents a significant boost for the brands that trust in their technology. “This is the beginning of a new stage of greater commitment to innovation,” he affirmed.

During the merger process, the organizational structure of Perfit will not experience changes, and its co-founder and CEO, Kevin Goreglad, will continue in his role within the company.

The Rise of E-commerce in LatAm

The acquisition of Perfit by Nuvemshop reflects the current state of e-commerce in LatAm, and how it has established itself after the 2019 pandemic. According to data collected by Statista Digital Market, it is estimated that in 2023, Latin America will close with approximately 337 million e-commerce users. This number is expected to grow by 2027, reaching around 390 million users in the region at the end of that period.

On the other hand, in 2022, e-commerce in Latin America generated sales of around USD $122 billion. It is anticipated that by 2027, the revenue of this industry could exceed USD $200 billion.

In 2023 Brazil will represent almost 32% of the market in e-commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean, followed by Mexico and Colombia, with approximately 28% and 7% of the market, respectively, maintaining their historical positions. However, these trends could change soon due to the growing online market in Argentina. According to the latest estimates, this country is expected to experience growth in online shopping in 2024, only surpassed by the Amazonian country.

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