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A niche helps your audience understand what your store is about. It also makes it easier to target keywords and create content that will draw people in. For example, if you sell clothes, your niche might be “women’s plus-size workwear.” If someone asks friends and family for recommendations for women’s plus-size workwear, you want them to recommend your online store as the go-to source for your product.

Niche ideas include:

  • DIY hydroponic equipment
  • Book editing services
  • Organic tea
  • Fitness printables
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Homeopathic remedies and supplements
  • Vacation packages for those with special needs
  • Tutoring services

If you sell services, you can often charge a premium by having a specialized niche. For example, a dentist needing to hire a copywriter for his clinic’s blog can hire any copywriter, but will recognize a copywriter for dental offices as a specialist and will pay more.

Product-based businesses typically use a store name, whereas service-based businesses will often use the name of the servicer. No matter your niche or type of product or service, your name must be easy to spell, memorable and have a domain name and social media handle available.

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