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Brazil’s national drug authority Anvisa has published a resolution banning the manufacture, import, marketing, distribution, storage, transportation, and advertising of electronic smoking devices, also known as vapes. The new decision comes into effect today (Apr. 24) and upholds a ban imposed in 2009.

The document also prohibits the entry of these products brought by travelers in any form of import, including as part of their baggage or hand luggage for one’s own use.

During the voting session, Anvisa’s Director-President Antonio Barra Torres read out opinions from 32 Brazilian scientific associations for around two hours, as well as positions from the ministries of Health, Justice, and Public Security and Finance. He also mentioned the public consultation held on the subject between December 2023 and February this year.

The opposing view

Arguments were also presented calling for the regulation of the consumption and sale of the products. Opponents named harm reduction for ordinary cigarette smokers and the fight against the illegal sale of irregular products.

The director of British American Tobacco in Brazil, Lauro Anhezini Júnior, said that consumers are being treated like second-class citizens, and argued that decisions should be based on science. “It’s not just the science of the industry, it’s also the independent science of this country that proves that we’re talking about risk-reducing products. Electronic cigarettes pose less of a health risk than continuing to smoke regular cigarettes.”

The communications director of Philip Morris Brasil, Fabio Sabba, argued that the ban has proved ineffective in the face of the growing illicit market in Brazil. “By deciding to maintain a ban at a time when the market is booming, Anvisa is failing to fulfill its role of ensuring that these 4 million Brazilians or more consume a product that meets defined regulatory criteria. It’s ignoring the fact that the market itself is asking for quality rules for consumption.”

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