You have four Mailchimp plans to choose from. For new businesses, the Free plan is a great starter, as it lets you send up to 1,000 emails per month. It is robust enough at this level to get results, but as a business grows, marketing needs expand. Over time, a business will want to expand to one of the three tiered plans. There is a free trial for both the Essentials and Standard plans, allowing users to test each plan out before committing. The Premium plan opens up all features of the platform.

Mailchimp Tiered Pricing and Plans

Free Plan

Price: Free
Best for: New businesses building an email list of prospects and customers.

The Free plan is an excellent introductory plan for those new to email marketing and just building their email list. Users will be aided with one-step automation and the subject line helper so that their emails get noticed and opened. Once your contact is in the email, Mailchimp makes it easy to capture more data with sign-up forms. As a free plan, don’t expect to run unlimited campaigns. You are limited to 500 contacts and 1,000 emails. You can’t break your audience up into sub-audiences. The Free plan does not allow segregation of target audiences.

Essentials Plan

Price: Starts at $13 per month
Best for: Midsized businesses that need a few target audiences to market to.

In this tier, business owners can expect to unlock valuable features that include audience targeting and automated customer journeys. It’s important to understand that there is a tier system within this tier. Prices start at $13 per month but are dependent on the number of contacts you have. Going from 500 to 1,500 contacts causes the price to increase to $26.50 per month. You can go all the way up to 50,000 contacts for $350 per month.

Standard Plan

Price: Starts at $20 per month
Best for: Companies with a large contact list looking to segment audiences.

This is also a sub-tiered plan that breaks pricing down based on the number of contacts. You’ll start with 1,000 but can go as high as 100,000 contacts. This plan is more robust in features compared to the Essentials plan. It allows for dynamic content that jumps off the page and speaks to your contacts. There is also a campaign manager that helps you organize your emails and the responses you get.

Premium Plan

Price: Starts at $350 per month
Best for: For large email lists looking to unlock all the features of Mailchimp.

The Premium plan takes all the bells and whistles that Mailchimp offers and makes them available to those with large contact lists. The plan starts with 10,000 contacts and expands to more than 250,000 contacts. For the largest tiers of the plan, you’ll need to contact sales for a custom price with a plan that does it all, including creating custom journeys for customers or using a dynamic pre-built journey that is ready to go. This plan also allows you to make small changes to the content and then test which content is best in the multivariate testing feature.

Mailchimp and Transactional Email

You can do more with Mailchimp than just mass send emails. You can use it to send transactional emails. These are emails that are sent to customers based on certain activities done. For example, a welcome email can be sent when the customer buys from you. These emails are sent fast and delivered directly to the customer’s inbox. Growing businesses need the ability to communicate with their customers as their customers do things with them. It builds and strengthens the relationship forged with their customers.

There are four plans that you can choose from when opting in to the transactional email subscriptions. The Free plan is the baseline plan and works for up to 500 contacts. In it, you get pre-built templates and 30 days of support. The Essentials plan has a free trial for the first month and starts at $13 per month after that for up to 500 contacts. In it you get A/B testing, basic customer journeys and personalized onboarding. The Standard plan has a one-month free trial and then starts at $20 per month. That’s based on 500 contacts. With it, you get predictive segmentation and a campaign manager. The Premium plan starts at $350 per month for up to 10,000 contacts. In it, you get multivariate testing and enhanced automated customer journeys.

There is a plan for everyone’s budget. You’ll need to pay this on top of your regular Mailchimp subscription.

Which Mailchimp Plan Should You Choose?

It can be confusing to choose a plan when getting started with Mailchimp because within the plans exist tiers based on contacts. You’ll want to take the time to look at the features of each plan before you choose the maximum contact number. This allows you to access the features you need and then customize the plan based on the number of contacts you have.

Don’t limit yourself when testing Mailchimp out. You can try three of the four plans for free (the Free plan is always free). This will let you try the testing features of the program so that you can take advantage of segmentation and testing. If you choose you don’t want the Essentials or Standard plan, you can downgrade during your free trial to get a lesser plan and not commit to the higher cost.

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