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MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2024 / LQR House Inc. (the “Company” or “LQR House”) (NASDAQ:LQR), a niche e-commerce platform specializing in the spirits and beverage industry, is thrilled to announce its latest marketing partnership with Kamoti, aimed at enhancing its brand visibility and boosting its sales on CWSpirits.com through targeted marketing services.

Under this strategic alliance, Kamoti has engaged LQR House to craft a tailored campaign aimed at amplifying awareness of its green and white tea shot beverages. Leveraging LQR House’s variety of marketing tools, including banner ads, email marketing, and influencer outreach, the campaign seeks to drive targeted traffic to CWSpirits.com and bolster sales for Kamoti’s innovative green tea shots.

LQR House is committed to forging partnerships with brands that offer unique and exceptional products. The Company believes that Kamoti’s green tea shots perfectly exemplify this ethos. Kamoti’s green tea shots are naturally sweetened and gluten-free, providing a refreshing and guilt-free drinking experience unlike any other in the market. With the ability to pour straight from the bottle without the need for mixers or a bartender, we believe that Kamoti’s green tea shots redefine convenience and quality in the spirits industry.

Sean Dollinger, CEO of LQR House, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Kamoti, a brand devoted to elevating the ready-to-drink shot category to new heights. With its innovative approach and commitment to quality, we believe that Kamoti can offer to consumers a unique and enjoyable drinking experience. We are excited to leverage our marketing expertise and influencer network to promote Kamoti’s products and showcase the unparalleled value that, in our view, they bring to the market.”

Kamoti co-founder Dylan Fusco added, “We couldn’t be more excited. With Kamoti we know we’ve got something that can be the best part of anyone’s night, and LQR House has the infrastructure and reach to get it into more hands than ever. We feel that they really understand our product and our brand, and can’t wait to see what this partnership brings.”

About LQR House Inc.

LQR House intends to become a prominent force in the wine and spirits e-commerce sector, epitomized by its flagship alcohol marketplace, CWSpirits.com. This platform seamlessly delivers a diverse range of emerging, premium, and luxury spirits, wines, and champagnes from esteemed retail partners like Country Wine & Spirits. Functioning as a technology-driven hub, LQR House utilizes software, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to elevate the consumer experience. CWSpirits.com stands out as the go-to destination for modern, convenience-oriented shoppers, providing a curated selection of alcohol products delivered to homes across the United States. Beyond its role in an e-commerce sector, LQR House is a marketing agency with a specialized focus on the alcohol industry. The Company measures campaign success by directly correlating it with sales on CWSpirits.com, demonstrating a return on investment. Backed by an influential network of over 550 figures in the alcohol space, LQR House strategically drives traffic to CWSpirits.com, enhancing brand visibility. LQR House intends to disrupt the traditional landscape of the alcohol industry, driven by its dedication to providing an unparalleled online purchasing experience and delivering tailored marketing solutions.

About Kamoti

In Kamoti, tradition meets innovation in a reinvented classic. Kamoti’s Whiskey-Based Shooter offers a sweet, mouth-watering experience with hints of Lime, and Peach, all while being Gluten and High-Fructose Corn Syrup-Free. Born out of the frustration of waiting in line for green tea shots at New Jersey bars, founders Dylan and Michael embarked on a mission to create a solution that would bring friends and strangers together without the wait. The result? Kamoti – a high-quality, low-ABV, preservative-free, gluten-free, ready-to-pour green tea shot, accompanied by a vodka-based white tea shot. With their playful Komodo Dragon mascot Hoshi leading the way, Kamoti provides fun, chill vibes, and the shared joy of happy patrons on both sides of the bar.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements in this announcement are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties and are based on the Company’s current expectations and projections about future events that the Company believes may affect its financial condition, results of operations, business strategy and financial needs. Shareholders can identify these forward-looking statements by words or phrases such as “may,” “will,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “aim,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” “is/are likely to,” “potential,” “continue” or other similar expressions. The Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise publicly any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent occurring events or circumstances, or changes in its expectations that arise after the date hereof, except as may be required by law. These statements are subject to uncertainties and risks including, but not limited to, the uncertainties related to market conditions, and other factors discussed in the “Risk Factors” section of the periodic reports, registration statements on Form S-1 filed with the SEC and other filings with the SEC. Although the Company believes that the expectations expressed in these forward-looking statements are reasonable, it cannot assure you that such expectations will turn out to be correct, and the Company cautions investors that actual results may differ materially from the anticipated results and encourages investors to review other factors that may affect its future results in the Company’s periodic reports, registration statements on Form S-1 and other filings with the SEC. Additional factors are discussed in the Company’s filings with the SEC, which are available for review at www.sec.gov.

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