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Email marketing is an effective way to connect with your customers and promote your products, whether you share blog articles or sell digital and/or physical products.

Email marketing involves reaching out to prospects and converting them into customers using newsletters, offers, and other client-facing communication.

It functions as a reliable marketing channel to reach new subscribers, establish brand awareness, and enhance CRM initiatives while progressing toward your sales funnel.

There are other marketing strategies such as Google Ads which are tailored to offer customers products they are more likely to purchase, but history has shown email marketing to be the most efficient at getting the most conversions.

It is therefore important that you integrate your business with the best email marketing strategy for you and your customers whom you can separate into groups for a better-tailored experience.

Because choosing the email marketing service to use can be daunting due to the sheer amount of options, I have compiled a list of the best products for you to choose from.

Some of them are free till you reach a number of subscribers while others expect you to pay straight away after their free trial expires.

What is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is a comprehensive tool designed to assist businesses in executing and overseeing email campaigns for their subscribers.

These tools streamline the process of email marketing by including features that facilitate list management, content production, automation, analytics, and more.

Email Marketing Services Comparison

Best Email Marketing Services

Here we have a carefully curated list of the best email marketing platforms a perfect solution to engage your audience, boost your marketing campaigns, and effective email marketing strategies.

1. Drip

Drip is an E-commerce customer-relationship management (CRM) that capitalizes on the fact that at least 90% of consumers make purchases from brands that they recognize, are memorable, and above all, are tailored to their taste.

It aims to make your brand unique by giving you access to customer insights, preference data, and smart email automation which enable you to conveniently keep track of your online business.

Drip displays informational statistics on your customers’ purchasing behavior e.g. the products they click on, how often they use coupon codes, and which products they have bought.

Based on this insight, you can segment your clients by the pages they frequent, emails they have opened, etc. in order to personalize your marketing strategy towards their specific needs.

Drip - Customer-Centric Marketing Automation Platform
Drip – Customer-Centric Marketing Automation Platform

Drip also offers you visual workflows based on behavior, automated cross-channel marketing for both email and social media interactions, and campaign tools such as coupon codes and shipping discounts, broadcast notifications, revenue attribution, etc. – all within a beautiful dashboard with eye-candy charts and graphs and without the need to write any code at all.

A great feature that contributes to Drip holding the title of best is split testing which it does incredibly well. Also known as A/B testing, e-commerce split testing is (in the simplest of terms,) the process of using conducting controlled, randomized experiments in which you analyze the statistics taken from two variants to decide on the marketing strategy to implement on your e-commerce site.

Basically, you want to improve your website metric by getting more traffic and selling more products. This means that Drip allows you to easily go beyond testing emails to testing customer experience on your website and eventually secure more conversations.

Drip is used by several A-class businesses including Fiat, Dodge, Live Nation, trivago, etc., and is worth every penny if you can afford it.

It charges $39/month for up to 2500 people and sends unlimited emails with a free 14-day trial. What’s even cooler is that you can request a demo by entering your email address from its official home page.

2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing software that simplifies your email marketing by combining powerful usage statistics and activity metrics with a beautiful user interface.

At the heart of its features is the visual automation generator which enables you to create forms, tags, and sequences in simple steps which visually describe how every action and expected result is connected.

Its developers have managed to make several options configurable from within single windows which reduces the number of times you need to navigate between windows to effect changes to your sequences.

ConvertKit enables you to quickly embed code snippets in your website using JavaScript and it works conveniently with WordPress.

It also features A/B testing which allows you to set two headlines and send the one that resonates better with your audience, integration with popular tools and e-commerce platforms e.g. Slack, RSS, and membership sites, filter-based newsletters and broadcasts, eye-catching animations, etc.

ConvertKit - Creator Marketing Platform
ConvertKit – Creator Marketing Platform

ConvertKit concentrates on growing your audience and this is clear from its ability to tag and segment users based on their clicks, searches, and interests, in order to send tailored messages.

It also provides you with nicely illustrated graphs and charts which enable you to visualize its service and conveniently track your website’s statistics.

Are you already using a different e-marketing service? ConvertKit has guides to help you migrate from MailChimp, Keap, Active Campaign, MailerLite, Aweber, and Drip.

For new creators building their list charges $0/month free sign-up for up to 1,000 subscribers and for growing creators automating their work will cost you $9/month and $108 when billed annually for up to 300 subscribers.

Its subscription plans are free to try for 14 days. You can request a demo using your email address.

3. MailerLite

MailerLite works to simplify advanced email marketing by giving users access to all the necessary tools for growing their e-commerce business. These tools include smart email automation, beautiful landing pages, a drag-and-drop email builder, beautiful, minimalist pop-ups, and function extensibility via integration with other platforms.

With MailerLite, you can easily use drag & drop to create modern-looking landing pages if you wouldn’t rather customize any of the 250+ default templates present in its design gallery and create professional-looking newsletters that have personality. Mind you, there are over 200 newsletter templates you can customize as well.

It also lets you build sophisticated campaigns using email automation tools that require no technical skills and connect to other web services such as Shopify, SendOwl, Coupon Carrier, and WooCommerce.

MailerLite - Create Email Marketing
MailerLite – Create Email Marketing

To put the icing on the cake, you can track your website’s metrics from campaign reports, surveys opened by location, and click maps. You can use A/B split testing, auto resend, RSS, deliver by time zone, built-in photo editing, and create interest groups (tags), among lots of other features.

MailerLite is trusted by many big names such as BMW, GoPro, Bored Panda, Typeform, and Marvel.

It is free for sending as many as 12,000 emails per month to 1000 subscribers and its subscription plan starts at $9/month and $108.00 billed yearly for up to 500 subscribers depending on whether you pay monthly or annually.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is a modern e-commerce marketing service that is so user-friendly you can easily see why it is arguably the most popular email marketing platform.

It offers you several tools for building and managing your customer list while solidifying your business and the branding of your choice.

The tools MailChimp offers you include the ability to create emails, landing pages, Google Remarketing ads, postcards, social media ads, etc. easily.

The ability to connect with your audience with BigCommerce, Eventbrite, Square, Salesforce, and WooCommerce, among other platforms.

The ability to create automation for different events such as an abandoned cart, welcome messages, order notifications, RSS to email, product recommendations, etc.

Also, the ability to optimize your website content after reaping the benefits of MailChimp’s CRM, segmentation, and reporting features. You can also employ A/B testing to further personalize your client interaction.

Mailchimp - Marketing, Automation and Email Platform
Mailchimp – Marketing, Automation and Email Platform

MailChimp has a rich library of tutorials which you can follow from its website and a large community of users that contribute to making it one of the easiest services to get up and running with.

It is relied on by not only big names such as East Fork, Chronicle Books, Sweat, Fader, and Magnolia Bakery, but also schools and development communities to tutor on web development, e-commerce marketing, and all the fields in between. It also has several marketing tips and success stories which you can derive inspiration from.

MailChimp is free for sending up to 1000 emails per month and its cheapest package sells for $13/month for 5000 emails per month.

5. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an email marketing software that aims to boost your business and help you establish your brand with smart marketing, machine learning, and customer relations.

Its email marketing options give you access to subscription forms, dynamic content, split testing, and email segmentation.

Its marketing automation allows you to track website metrics such as traffic, location statistics, and click events. It alos has a convenient Gmail extension and mobile app, contact & lead scoring, and an efficient messaging system through which you can send SMS, site messages, hold conversations, etc.

Active Campaign
Active Campaign

As expected, Active Campaign offers a beautiful dashboard where you can keep track of every single activity that happens on your e-commerce website. It features advanced reporting with colorful line graphs, integrated forms with different pop-up options, migration services, and 1-on-1 support/training, among others.

Active Campaign goes for the price of $29/month on an annual payment plan with 1 User, 10x contact email send limit including 1,000 marketing contacts, chat & email support. You can try it for 30 days free and even request a demo on its website.

6. AWeber

AWeber is an email marketing platform built for any user irrespective of their background as it aims to help entrepreneurs and small businesses attain excellent marketing results using robust, targeted email automation and analytic tools such as Split testing and triggers.

With AWeber, you can collect email addresses on your social accounts, websites, mobile, etc. using eye-catching signup forms in order to build your audience.

You can make stronger connections with your clients by tagging them based on the emails they open and which links they follow and sending them personalized content.

You can also create professional emails that are consistent with your business brand using drag & drop or by customizing any of the 100+ responsive templates.

Last but not least, connect your account to your favorite tools not excluding Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, and PayPal.

AWeber - Email Marketing
AWeber – Email Marketing

Use AWeber’s campaign builder to curate content and create tailored email sequences for subscribers based on their actions. Keep track of your e-commerce metric with colorful graphs, manage bounced emails with bound auto-removal, and send new blog posts via RSS to email.

AWeber charges $12.50/month for up to Unlimited subscribers, additional subscriber fees (Monthly subscriber fees are charged, determined by the overall count of subscribers.), 1 Email list, and 3 Landing pages.

You can try it free of charge for 30 days with just your email and full name – no credit card required!

7. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one e-marketing solution that was created to provide users with solutions to help their businesses grow.

It reportedly boasts 5-star customer service with 50+ features aimed at helping you easily create and manage online campaigns, track user actions and preferences, follow up with clients, and integrate your business with other tools such as Facebook, PayPal, and Salesforce to name a few.

GetResponse provides you with a drag-and-drop editor for building modern, responsive email templates, newsletter prompts, and landing pages – all of which will work together to increase your conversion rate.

This is made possible with deliverability checks, autoresponders, email templates, RSS to Email, and its perfect timing and time travel features.


You can automate your marketing strategy to scale workflows based on customer journeys and track their behavior in real time using automation templates, web event tracking, cart abandonment, automation segmentation, and scoring.

You can also nurture your leads by using a webinar marketing solution – a feature that GetResponse is the first CRM platform to offer.

Grow a dedicated contact list using custom fields, GDPR fields, hydra, A/B testing, spam checker, and advanced analytics coupled with a nice and clean user Interface.

GetResponse is free to try for 30 days no credit card is required. After that, you will need to shell out $15.58/month on an annual payment plan.

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact CRM aims to make powerful email marketing as easy as possible by making sure that all the tools required to run successful businesses online are available to users without any technical skills required irrespective of the business size.

It has been in service for 20+ years and is committed to helping non-profits and small businesses make good returns.

It features engaging templates that are mobile-responsive and a drag-and-drop editor for creating and customizing professional emails and email content focused on converting more customers.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact

Automatically drive more sales on your websites using automated welcome emails, list-building tools, contact segmentation, and trigger emails based on user clicks. Import contact information from Outlook, Excel, or Salesforce, and track your marketing results in real-time with analytic data displayed in colorful, easy-to-understand graphs.

Constant Contact starts at $12/month 1 user, 1 GB storage, and 10x monthly email send limit based on your number of contacts and you can try the first 30 days free of charge. Premium package offers $80/month.

9. Brevo

Brevo formerly sendingblue is a SAAS-based, relationship marketing solution that empowers businesses to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their customers by simplifying the process of marketing automation and campaigns, transactional messaging, and website metric tracking.

It features an HTML editor with support for dragging & dropping blocks into place to create beautiful personalized emails and well-designed newsletters.

It is also able to collect the email addresses and contact information of prospective customers using custom forms custom contact fields, and contact segmentation.

Make use of any of Brevo automation workflow templates which you can personalize to improve your website’s user experience with only a few clicks.

You can automate several events not excluding welcome emails, purchase reminders, abandoned carts, etc.


Brevo enables you to monitor your website’s performance by accessing open rates, deliverability, click-through rates, and heat maps in real time and the information is displayed in sleek, distraction-free graphs.

You can also integrate other apps to work with Brevo e.g. Salesforce, Intercom, and Google Analytics and it has support for all the popular Content Management Systems including Drupal, WordPress, Magneto, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.

It is free to use to send up to 300 emails a day to unlimited contacts without the need to connect any credit/debit cards.

The starter package for new marketers begins at $25/month and you will be able to send 20K emails each month and explore other payment plans for more features.

10. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is an email marketing service that focuses on helping you build customer relationships that lead to your business growth.

It features a graphical email designer with which you can drag & drop elements into place to create beautiful engaging responsive emails complete with color customization and a code editor.

Make use of Google Analytics tracking, RSS email campaigns, live engagement reports, e-commerce integrations, unlimited video storage, signup forms, surveys, and polls.

Benchmark Emails
Benchmark Emails

As a Benchmark Email user, you will enjoy the ability to manipulate photos using its inbuilt photo editor with several fonts, templates, and color customization options.

You will also enjoy the WYSIWYG HTML editor which has dual-view support if you fancy that workflow.

Use Benchmark Email’s free plan for up to 500 contacts and 3,500 emails/month with limited features. The medium pricing plan starts at $13/month for 500 contacts and 7,500 emails/month.

11. Hub Spot

HubSpot is a one-stop shop customer platform, offering the tools, resources, and integrations you need to link your sales, marketing, content management, and customer support.

The platform’s products are all linked to the same core CRM database, which provides you with unparalleled insight into every contact at every point of the customer journey.

Hub Spot
Hub Spot

Without depending on designers or IT, marketers can build, customize, and optimize email campaigns with the help of HubSpot’s email marketing solutions.

HubSpot’s free email marketing tools include:

  • Bulk emails optimized for various device types.
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop editor tailored for high-end designs.
  • An extensive template library that has been proven to increase customer engagement in the inbox.

12. SendGrid

SendGrid is a robust email infrastructure platform used by more than 80,000 customers, including companies like Uber, Spotify, Glassdoor, Airbnb, and Yelp.

In addition, you can use responsive templates to create polished emails. Besides that, you can design with drag-and-drop tools or pure HTML.


With an industry-leading 99% deliverability rate, SendGrid makes sure your emails get to your inbox. Its monthly processing capacity of over 134 billion emails makes it a dependable option for enterprises.

Key features of SendGrid:

  • Easily set up email workflows that are automated. Make a drip series, track your progress, and adjust as needed.
  • Achieve an average deliverability rate of 96% to optimize inboxing rates. Take advantage of bespoke domains and dedicated IPs.
  • Using best-in-class APIs and contemporary user interfaces, developers and marketers can work together seamlessly.

SendGrid, now part of Twilio, offers a complete solution for automated email marketing and dependable delivery. Regardless of your role as a developer or marker, this platform enhances your ability to communicate.

13. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is an email marketing tool that focuses on giving emails an interactive experience using the AMP framework. Whether you’re in EdTech, eCommerce, or any other industry, Mailmodo caters to both B2B and B2C customers.


With Mailmodo, you can create and send app-like interactive emails that engage your subscribers. These emails provide recipients with a dynamic experience that goes beyond conventional static content.

Key features of Mailmodo:

  • With the WYSIWYG editor, you can create appealing emails without the need for a developer or designer.
  • Increase open rates by suggesting tailored content.
  • It features automated campaigns that save time.
  • Enhance your emails with interactive components such as polls, calendars, quizzes, and more.
  • Customize your communications according to user behavior using Advanced Contact Segmentation.
  • Examine data to identify trends in engagement.
  • Improve user experience by sending interactive AMP emails.

14. Retainful

More than 16,000 eCommerce brands trust Retainful, a tool for email marketing automation and customer retention designed specifically for online retailers.

It provides several features to assist you in encouraging recurring business, automating email marketing, and keeping customers.

With Retainful, you can create and send effective email campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor and pre-built templates, segment your audience for targeted emails that resonate with your customers, and lastly, track campaign performance with detailed reports.


In addition, you can Increase revenue with timely, personalized email automation and install pre-made campaigns such as win-back programs, abandoned cart recovery, and welcome series.

Besides that, Retainful allows you to communicate effectively at the appropriate moment, increasing customer conversion.

An effective email marketing service can significantly impact your business growth, and Retainful provides the tools to take your email campaigns to the next level.

15. Email Octopus

Email Octopus provides an intuitive UI and effective tools to support business expansion to over 78,000 businesses and organizations. For your email marketing,

EmailOctopus offers affordable solutions, regardless of your level of experience.

With Email Octopus, you can customize templates, serve engaging content to your subscribers, and use data insights to segment your list and personalize your emails.


In addition, Email Octopus allows users to capture more subscribers using stunning landing pages, automate engagement, welcome new subscribers automatically with email sequences, and set up onboarding emails using automated workflows.

16. Omnisend

Omnisend is a comprehensive email and SMS marketing platform used by over 100,000 e-commerce brands.

With Omnisend, you can engage your shoppers wherever they are by combining email and SMS campaigns, customize 100% of your templates to deliver an on-brand, personalized experience from a single platform, and save time with pre-built automation that drives sales.

In addition, you can create unlimited segments that update in real-time, and group your audiences based on campaign activity, shopping behavior, and more.


Besides that, Omnisend seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms and tools. With over 4,000 five-star reviews on Shopify, you can be sure that Omnisend offers excellent support to help your business expand.

17. SendX

SendX is a comprehensive email marketing tool designed for conscientious email marketers.

It encourages ethical behavior and accepts email marketers from various sectors, even those that are unfairly prohibited, such as affiliate marketing, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, gaming, cannabis, and supplements.

SendX packs the following features out of the box:

  • SendX allows users to send unlimited email campaigns, ensuring they can reach their audience effectively.
  • Allows you to create and distribute focused email campaigns to engage your readers.
  • Automate your marketing efforts for efficiency.
  • SendX ensures your emails hit the inbox every time, helping you establish trust with your audience.

SendX provides a solid email marketing solution for all types of users, including small businesses and seasoned marketers. Give it a try and see how it can make your email campaigns more profitable!

18. Selzy

Selzy is a free bulk email service that empowers businesses of all sizes to create effective email campaigns. With Selzy, you can create polished emails in just fifteen minutes. You can use their drag-and-drop email builder to create your own or select from 140+ templates.

Selzy comes with an email analytics tool that can assist you with all kinds of tasks, ranging from basic to complex metrics. Track sales by integrating with Google Analytics.


The click map shows you the conversion for every single link and button. To boost your future results, you can use the assessment tool or analyze your past campaigns.

In addition, Selzy allows you to effortlessly build your email list using embedded sign-up forms, and for just $7, you can send an infinite number of emails to 1,000 recipients, or you may pay as you go at $0.005 per email.

You can also scale your engagement with customers using Selzy’s email marketing automation tool. Set up, launch, and run emails 24/7 to enhance your marketing efforts.


To kickstart your email marketing journey, start by picking one the best email marketing services from our curated list. Build your email list organically and produce valuable content that resonates with your subscribers.

Segment your audience, create eye-catching subject lines, and use templates or an editor to create aesthetically pleasing emails.

Make sure your email schedule is consistent, stay in compliance with email marketing standards, and continuously monitor and adjust your campaigns for success.

I hope this list helps you with your email marketing as you create a reliable template and build a subscriber base.

All the listed options have virtually the same features in their unique ways and it is left to you to choose which service works best for you with your budget in mind.

When you do test them, remember to return to drop your questions, suggestions, and comments in the discussion section below.

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