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As an advertising and public relations major, I find almost all political campaigns to be jokes, but the Yes on Measure E campaign is especially loathsome,” Cardenas writes in a Feb. 28 column for The Collegian.

“It is bizarre to me that, unlike most bond and sales-tax measures raising money for public projects, this one is only a ‘draft’ and does not specifically outline how taxpayer dollars will be spent.

“The ambiguous language, deceptive marketing, and over-glorified positives of the measure are enough to keep me from voting ‘YES.’ ”

Projects List Isn’t Binding

Cardenas talked to Fresno State economics professor Kevin Capehart, who said that the Measure E projects list “is not binding in any way.”

Added Capehart: “Even some of the apparent restrictions on how much can be spent in which ways are not as restrictive as they seem, especially if you can call the Save Mart Center or a football stadium an academic building.”

Cardenas also digs into how voters might think that Fresno State President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval is endorsing Measure E when he hasn’t. In short, Measure E has worked hard to create the illusion of Jiménez-Sandoval backing the sales tax while protecting the university president from breaking a state law that bans him from taking a stand.

Finally, Cardenas connects Debbie Adishian-Astone’s husband’s marketing company to the Yes on Measure E campaign. Adishian-Astone is vice president of administration and CFO at Fresno State.

Her column is well worth your time — regardless of how you feel about the $1.5 billion sales tax to boost Fresno State. You can read it at this link.

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